Saturday, November 26, 2005

5hrs break again

Video Taking again. Today we took v fast. Maybe is hand tat digital video for the 2nd time le. so more skill then the first time...i am so lucky to be in my grp. We got team work. I dun noe my other two member agree anot...but i feel it tat way..athought this stupid cheryl keep wanna take tat video.[ Bo Bian...Wish to be a Professional camera woman too much le]

Today went to apel again...8am ,...early in the morning..but only sch for abt 40min then break for philina and sally came to my house..wanna complete our mask....but so sad...the plaster that philina have all gone hard...dun noe we can't add more layer on it...But philina dun be too worry. We can pass de...anyway my mask and ours not too bad...dun ask for too high ok...

after making our mask. we three girls went to kitchen and cook our lunch. First is philina figuring out how to cut those cute...she really v serious when she cut them..hahax...i remember watching a cooking show where the guy show how to test whether the spagetti has cooked enough already. He throw one of the spagetti on to the wall..if it stick on the wall. mean ok i try it..and really it work...but tat also make sally and philina laugh non stop.

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Sauce +
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spagetti =
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Our nice nice spagetti Lunch.

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Sally and I trying Pour the water off the spagetti

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she cutting the mushroom wor..

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Sally say: Philina Not bad ar. Noe how to cut the mushroom.

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Arr...Sally wanna kill mi ar..i really dun noe she is behind mi.

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lame pics..lolx..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

V Cold Weather

WOo...V cold weather this feel day..even my fur fur cat also cold till her ear cold cold de...

normal sch start...
Nthing happen

early in the morning arts app today...
philina so stress today.. to make her not so stress...i and sally whose face full of plaster, still can chat with her..hahax...sally pro...stilll can tok loud and clear..i can tok but not as clear as her..hahax...teacher walk pass...sound so still can tok so clear ar..hahax...
then teacher say she v noise..ask her go to slp,..hahax...but seriously...the light is on top of bright and sally is so i can't slp loh..hahax...siao mi..dunno teacher beside mi helping philina..i go "jia you.philina jia you.." cheer for her..coz she is so stress..then make teacher lol lame ar...end up whole tut room so quiet only voice of mi and sally...noise us...
anyway philina dun stress le ok...we will always by ur side...we will help u de mah..[serious de hoi]...

Today again..Uir lab...a v lonely lab..kamila every time late..then i alone with whole class of MWC student again...once sit down infront of computer...then sign mi msn..wat a boring class till can chat online ar...then saw tat i gt sms 12pm de..but again i 2pm then saw it...AUBREY...hahax...make mi go OO...he msg mi wor...he say i chio without my spect...hahax...
Then online he msg mi... haix...forever...he make mi feel tat he is so near yet so far...say wat..."wow u nv wear spect pretty wor...y i nv jio u last time"...but too sad..behind he say.."jk jk"...i knew he is jk jk de...coz he is too sian in his lab le...which is also UIR lab...and i also noe he gt a gf trust he will not be those play boy de...haix...forever...make mi feel so dream also like tat...real also like tat...tat is the best dream i ever have althrou in the end of the dream in't gd de..but infront is darm gd...friend might think..siao de...this gals...dream too much bian....he just enter my dream without mi knowing

Today BTT test...when with sally and tian ming end up only tian ming pass...clever wor...he nv study much also can pass...nvm...nx time we will pass de...
wear a day of incorrect contact see till eyes v tired...

today when to interchange meet mama...when to make a correct degree contact. Then after that went to have lunch at city link...bought a necklace at city link..v cheap only..$5....there ear ring only $ cheap and nice... he say hi to mi....heart melt...i feel tat i am crazy...y go like some one tat already have gf leh...siao ar...haix...but saying is v easy...doing is hard...
today after sch...after philina went up bus...while i was chatting yong sheng half way...he came...and came to chat with mi...and now yong sheng stand in the centre and dunno wat to do..and listen to wat we dot ar...and i few tat some1 stole my memories ar...i suddenly wat i chat with him at the bus...completely 4gt...hahax...

gonna stop here and continue doing my cmsk cover letter no i can write this long...lolx...maybe u gals might not be able to understand wat i eng v bad de...but i feel some time this is a place where i can write how my feeling now and wat i thinking now...and also crap..hahax...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Cousin Wedding

Thur 17Nov2005
i philina and sally when around the sch taking video for other STMD Project. Fun. but maybe we expect v v nice. so NG alot of time. We gt no ppl acting in the video so...Must take nice nice. so can get nice nice grade also.

Fri 18Nov2005
First lesson of the day start at 8am Apel3. My Teacher so pretty..hahax..Josephine. she look serious but in lesson she is nice. her lesson she will expect us to tok. but after lesson, we gt 5hrs break before ADID lec. So.. we when all the way to Changi Village for THIS FOODs...v v v nice...
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When back to sch after tat...but still gt 1hr b4 lesson start. so 3 of us when to the lab....GAME....POOL...hahax...but keep hearing us say 'shit'.hahax...and i am v unlucky, play with sally and in black ball for 3 times...
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Took in Lab.

Sat 9Nov2005 ...Cousin Wedding.
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When we go there...all wow...the place so nice and at waterfront hotel...lucky we dress in the correct way. last time i go dinner they will give a fruit cake as a small gift...but at there. they give us a v v cute and nice keychain. The Foods is nice there...

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Mi...By dad...i tot he nv i just play with the camera...but when i upload then i saw this pic..hahax...

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Dad!..faster take leh...see i smile like shit le...take alone v funny loh..then still take so slow...

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My Bro and Mi...He look like a saleman in that colour.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sch Reopen

long time no blog. since sch reopen. gt lots of stuff to write. but dunnoe where to start. i shld be on bed this time. tml still gt piano lesson in the morning.

starting sch onl, i am sick. same as yr 1.2. lolx. time table for this sem quite slack..almost all start in the afternoon. but not gd. bu san bu shi. cannot go out.then every time wake up, slack at home and waiting for the time to up then go to sch. this kind of schooling time. make mi eat mee for so many day. coz too early for mama to cook. by the time she finish cooking i late le. anyway, i v v lucky to be in the same class as my 2 best friends.sally and philina. so classmate last sem all diff class as us. only we 3 still same class...Thankx God.this sem took 2 cds. actucally wanna take elective but it dun the timing diff, so bo bian took cds. UIR and ARTs APP..
UIR i am so lonely. whole class all i dun noe de...mostly from MWC de..only noe kamila..tot she not coming today but lucky she gt come. but late. scare mi.. UIR lab.. darm boring. still can msn with sally inside. real boring..yawn till my tear also gt le..lolx..then tat teacher also dun noe y ...keep looking at mi.. see mi too slack ar...lolx.

Today Arts app.. making mask...quite fun but a little stress..coz scare make wrong. i make for philina this week. nx week will be my turn. so scary ..i dun ps...wondering wat make mask? ok let mi explain. we need to make a mask each and design it. so in pair. philina can go to slp and i can put cream on her face, put tissue, then put the plaster on her face, then put water. make for abt 1hr plus then done.after making,philina face full of cream. omg nx week my turn.i dun wan...bad cheryl. keep making philina laugh when she are able to laugh with face of plaster.i think nx week she no need make mi laugh.i ownself will laugh de.lolx.hahax. there is a guy so unlucky. teacher choose him as demo. then everybody will look at his face and teacher will teach us how to make mask.can't stop myself from laughing. he so ps. can see tat his face gt abit red le.although whole class only noe philina and sally. but classmate there not bad lah. no afew of them le..but forgt to ask wats their name.hahax...

ok.....late le...still gt stuff i wanna write. think post nx time le....STOP! hehe...must stop writing le