Monday, November 30, 2009

There are so many things in life to stress of.

Monday Blue. zzz
New activity every sunday.
Badminton, Has beening playing badminton for the past 4 weekend,
start with my family member. Now is my 2 aunty + their Family.
and another 1 church member and pastor Liu.
Fun. Every one getting more and more pro every week.

This week shall be a busy week.
Mon (which is today) meeting Eileen @ Tampines.
Tue meeting Philina and Sally.
Wed Going to church for Rehearsal.
Thur Still thinking. MY RESULT might be out on thur.
Fri meeting Natalie for Closet Collection IV
Still thinking.
Sun Church + Badminton @ night

My Manager haven't reply me.
Else he might already rejected my idea without replying me one.
Err...I just send another letter to him already.

Really hope everything can go smoothly like what i plan.
- Manager Accept my request of 5days work
- Pass all my subject
This 2 first. Plan can only carry on if this 2 step can pass thru.

I am really afraid of failing my subject. really hard law and OB.
Don't wish to see this 2 textbook again. OB hate it because of the wordly report.
Law, who will love it. Thick textbook with all words in it.
judging cases by cases like i am a lawyer, which i isn't.
Even thru Law is an open book test. But it really doesn't help much.

1st sem already like this. I don't know how it will be like for the rest of my 2years.
I already do my best for this sem. Took so many days of leave to study at home.
if i still fail, then i really don't know what to say.

Hope i and aubrey get the same result.
so no one will be alone. haha.
of course best will be every one pass.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Silent Sat

SAT Again!!!
You might think the sentence above i say it in a very high.
No No! is angry mood.
So difficult to drag myself up today.
You can imagine i on my bed shouting and beating my bed in the morning.
Yesterday fri (hari Raya Haji) and yet sat i need to work.
Can imagine my long holiday spoil by it.

Wanna cry. I really don't know why am i here for every sat.
cause i never do anything on sat at all.
Ya do THE DESIGN CLOSETS stuff only wor.

Like what I tell my friend THE DESIGN CLOSETS got more think for to do then
what i am doing in the office. and think of how my manager ask me that day
about my request of 5days work. I really feel like whacking him wor.
I really wonder how he stay in one piece till this age. Haha.

so what am I doing now?
- watching show
- Waiting for my store order to come in.
- Waiting for 130pm to come.

After work, meeting natalie and my bro to IT Fair @ Expo.
Wanna get a case for my xiao bai (mac) which is going to be xiao hei soon.
A v v v Good mouse, cause i don't know y my mouse can never survive more than 1 year.

Then waiting for my dear dear to come back from Siem.
he will reach SG @ 6pm.

THE DESIGN CLOSETS's Closet Collection III
is UPDATED! Abit disappointed by the photo.
For the whole week it isn't raining.
but yesterday when we plan to take photo of the clothes,
It start raining. bad lighting.
How i wish i can have a bigger room.
Then i will make part of my room with bright light and one big cloth behind it.
Then can take nice photo.

I want to start my own real Biz soon.
Hope this Dream can be fulfill before Dec 2010.
Best Before Jun 2010.
Jia You! Jia You!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hope it will be an interesting day public holiday today. Slept at 1am last night wake up @ 11am.
haha. 10 hr of sleep. v quite for the whole night and whole morning.
I believe it will be v nosie later.
As I am meeting Natalie later and she is coming to my place for phototaking.
so lazy to get prepare.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Empty House

2nd blog of the day.
today is the worst day ever.

Time pass so slow for the whole day.

When a person is alone, time will pass slower.
Today in office talk less than 5 sentence.
request manager to give me 5days working day 2 wks ago.
after 2 more email to him. he haven't reply me yet.
so today i went to his desk and ask him how izzit.
and he reply me can't get back to me so fast.
is like 2 wks already wor. this is how's my company system go.
slow and no respond. even request reject, he will also never reply.
cause i and shah get it before.
and his cruel respond make me sian the whole day already.

Then back to the empty home. EMPTY.
no one is around for tonight.
only me and yuki (my cat).
dad and mum go kukup will only be back tomorrow night.
Aubrey go to siem since tue will only be back on sat night.
My bro will only be able to book out tomorrow afternoon.
online but not much ppl online. think all on date already.

thats isn't the only unlucky thing i met today.
first step into my hse i step on some liquid.
ya is yuki, he is ill.
vomit and shit shit.
first thing back home to to clean the whole messy.
vomit at 2 spot, living room and kitchen.
and shit is at the toilet. sian to the max.

and now i am rotting.
is holiday wor. i dun wanna slp so early. but nothing to do. lonely.
err....yuki also v bored.

hope tomorrow will be a better day.
plan for tomorrow is get stock for closet collection
and photo taking.
NEW Closet Collection will be up on sat :p