Friday, December 31, 2010

TDC New Label: Embroidery Pleated Dress

Sneak Sneak Preview!
This is a super Sneak Preview.
Gonna launch it in one of the CNY Collection.
Hope the stock will be in asap, so i can launch it.
A design which make the whole TDC team go crazy.

Available in 4 Sweet Colours :)
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Photo outside studio is closest to true colour :)

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Royal Purple

TDC Pick: Cheryl in Royal Purple, Amanda in Nude & Pink, Eleanor in Pink.
Made of Smooth Chiffon. With inner lining and size zip. Non Sheer and excellent workmanship.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

TDC Team

Love my whole TDC team.
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Hendra, the owner of the studio.
Busy taking out all the cakes he have from his client to share us.
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Some Cakes which none of us dare to try it.
Cheese cake?!?
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Cheese cake?!?! Special :)
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Amanda, TDC cute model.
Amanda insist of taking photo with the present which i bought for her.
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more photo. I don't like to take photo with my model during shooting day.
They always have nice make up on. But me... I don't like heavy make up.
Unless special event.
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Eleanor, My Best Helper in the studio.
Always help me up with the clothes. Iron them, take measurement and fold them well after the shoot is done.

Who else in TDC team?
- my mum, the packer. Packing parcel is the worst. She will always help me up if she got time.
- My Boyfriend, the driver. Always drive me to studio and drive me to sing post if he is on leave.

Thanks TDC team member for helping me as much as you guys can :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day @ Tea Cosy

Part 3 of my Christmas Celebration.
Lunch @ Tea Cosy after visiting Eleanor Grandmum @ the Hospital.
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See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.
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Kelvin and Eleanor. Cute Couple.
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Me and Aubrey. Sleepy couple
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As Usual, uploading photo to Facebook. Seriously, I am not a facebook person. Twitter better. haha.
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Now photo for her blog. haha.
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This 2 uncle is v good boy now. GOOD!
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Me and my soup.
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Both I and Eleanor choose the same dish.
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Both Aubrey and kelvin choose the same dish too.
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Some Goodies Bags Prepare for all mass meet up customer.
Actually wanna give them out during Christmas meet up. But too last min.
So change it to New year gift :)
Just a way to Thanks you girls.

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Yeah! Got myself a new 2011 organizer from Bobo Dino

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

How do you spent your Christmas day for this week?
Mine is fruity!

I always spend my Christmas in church and with my family.
Went to the church in the Christmas eve night.
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The Keyboardist and bassist of the day.
This cute uncle is my piano shi fu. (also my Bro and Eleanor Piano teahcher)
A very talented guy who can play bass, guitar, drum and piano.
He himself can form a band. haha.
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Felicia! My Lao Po. Ps she trying to act like winnie (her doggy). haha.
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Lao Po showing off her new hair clip from Eleanor.
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Finally one normal photo with her but yet not v normal.

That is only part one of our celebration.
Part 2: East Coast Beach!
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Aubrey Bought lots of Light stick. More than 30 pieces.
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Mini Christmas Tree
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Check out our cool tent!
Super bright tent + BIG!
Can sleep 6 people.
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Kelvin and Eleanor
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Haha. Kelvin got so many common face. 1. Monster inc. 2. chen han wei.
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What is the coolest mms greeting for this year?
Everyone sending mms of cute greeting video.
So Eleanor decided to film a greeting video to mms to all her friend
Check out on Eleanor Facebook for the video.

End of part 2. Part 3 and 4 is on Christmas day :p

Monday, December 27, 2010

Closet 34: Preview

Just a short preview
Going to JB this morning.
Will try to clear all email and mail all parcel out on Tue afternoon.
For those who wish to receive their parcel before New Year, please do not choose postage.

New Collection Available
Self Collection @ Punggol Field Walk
Mass meet up 30 Dec (Thur) 7pm @ Dhoby Ghaut MRT
A little New Year Goodies bag will be given to customer who choose meet up or self collection.
Limited qty available.

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More Design Available during the launch :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Slow Delivery

Receive lots of email from customers this few days.
"Where is my parcel?!?"
Here is the reason :)

Some lucky might receive parcel in abt 2 to 3 days.
But some might take 1 to 2 wks to deliver.

Most of the parcel deliver on 17 Dec has yet deliver to the customer.
2 things you girls can choose to do.
1. wait...give sing post more time to deliver.
2. call to the sing post nearest to your place. Ask them to track it for you :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Closet 33: Preview

Quick Preview
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Reversible dress
Available in 2 colour.
Can be wore in more than 3 ways.

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Frills Shoulder Chiffon Dress
Best for year end party.
All TDC Team keep one piece each.

Image Hosted by
Overlap Front Dress
Suitable for both work and school.
Image Hosted by
Curl Line Throwover
Best for Casual Days and School
All TDC Team keep one piece each.
Image Hosted by
Lace Dress for Year End party.

Check out TDC web tonight for more design :)
20 Dec(Mon) 8pm sharp.